About The Connexion

The Holston Conference will be well served by the fulfillment of this facility’s potential. We are in a media driven world. From the earliest age, our children are given devices connected to the Internet and all kinds of media. For better or worse this is a fact. We intend to do our God given best to deliver content as engaging and well produced as the best the world has to offer, while clearly and unashamedly sharing our love, our faith and our beliefs. Today’s Internet technology allows us to broadcast over multiple channels simultaneously from a central location.

This facility is located in the gateway to the great Smoky Mountains; our nation’s most visited national park. While we have no exact measurement of the United Methodists among the millions of visitors who visit the park, we know that many come and visit the Smoky Mountains. This facility could also become a “church home away from home” for them. This will become something to enjoy while here and something to enjoy from home through our web streaming.

For Holston Conference, the potential uses of this facility are many and they are as diversified and varied as our membership. However, we believe that the greatest potential for the Connexion remains as a web-based broadcast facility, broadcasting the word across multiple platforms cost efficiently and effectively for years to come. In addition we will be a training ground for the next generation of media and audio-visual controllers. Through this use we will be connected directly to our members, their congregations, districts, conferences and beyond. In addition we will use the facility’s paid and volunteer staff to mentor interns as together they produce the shows and events, thereby training and lifting up the future leaders of our church and conference and also allowing them to gain marketable skills for their futures.

About the Building and Facilities

Construction for this property began in 2007 with the plans for a 42,000 square foot church/multipurpose building. The property as constructed includes: the main building (38,000 square feet), other buildings (around 28,000 square feet), an outside dining area (2400 square feet) and 50 Acres of land located in Sevierville, Tennessee.

The primary facility has administrative and production offices, a fully functioning main auditorium, a coffeehouse, a bookstore, a pre-function area, and an outdoor dining area. In addition, the building infrastructure includes cabling and routing to support the heart of the building, a broadcast facility.

We’re located at:

1250 Middle Creek Rd, 

Sevierville, TN 37862